Parking Rules

February 14, 2019 the board adopted revised community rules that were sent out the all owners and residents of the community. Since that time a number of questions regarding parking rules have been submitted to the board. This letter serves as notice of the parking rules adopted by the Board of Directors May 19, 2019. THIS IS NOTICE TO EACH OWNER AND RESIDENT THAT A FINE WILL BE IMPOSED UPON ANY AND EACH VIOLATION OF THE PARKING RULES WITHOUT NEED FOR FURTHER NOTICE. The updated parking rules clarify the rules outlined in the CC&Rs.

Per the Amended C&Rs August 24, 2007 Article III, Section 7, Paragraph 8 shall be replaced by the following:

Vehicles and Garages:
Each Townhome shall have four (4) designated parking areas which shall include two (2) in the garage and two (2) in the driveway. The term "vehicles," as used herein, shall include, without limitation, motor homes and other recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, motorcycles, minibikes, scooters, go-carts, trucks, campers, buses, vans, tractors, mowers and automobiles.
All vehicles shall be parked within garages, driveways or other Board approved paved parking areas. Parking in yards, alley ways and unpaved areas is prohibited. Any vehicles that are kept in the Community, other than in a Board designated area, for periods longer than (5) days shall be considered a nuisance and The Board, at its discretion, shall have the authority to remove the vehicle from the Community at the vehicle owners’ expense. A Fenced Parking Area is provided near the entrance of the subdivision that may be used to park and store any of the types of vehicles. Trucks with mounted campers which are an Owner's or Occupant's primary means of transportation shall not be considered recreational vehicles, provided they are used on a regular basis for transportation and the camper is stored out of public view upon removal.
The Board at its discretion may assign specific parking spaces to the Townhome Owners and change the assignment of such specific parking spaces from time to time.
No eighteen-wheel trucks or the cabs of such trucks shall be parked, kept or stored within the Community, and if so parked, kept or stored shall be considered a nuisance and may be removed by the Board. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on pathways or unpaved Common Property except for public safety vehicles or vehicles authorized by the Board. Garage doors shall be kept closed at all times, except when garage in use.
  1. All vehicles parked overnight must be parked in the garage or the driveway.
  2. To park a vehicle on the street overnight requires approval from the board per occurrence.
  3. When a vehicle is parked overnight on the street, a notice will be placed on the vehicle. The 2nd time the vehicle is parked overnight, even non-consecutive nights, a fine of $25 will be levied.
  4. If a vehicle is found parked in any yards, alley ways, or unpaved areas, a warning will not be given, a $25 fine will be levied immediately.
  5. Any vehicles not in compliance with the rules are subject to fines and/or towing at the owner’s expense.

The only Board approved parking area is the pool parking lot but is limited to use by:

  1. Authorized users currently accessing the pool, gym, or clubhouse amenity.
  2. Authorized users in need of temporary additional overnight parking may use the back row of the lot, vehicles must be removed during the day.
  3. Authorized user’s guests attending an event being held at the clubhouse.
  4. Any vehicles not in compliance with the above pool lot limitations (A-C) are subject to fines and towing at the owner’s expense.

Authorized User shall mean and refer to either an owner, or persons to whom the owner has delegated the rights of enjoyment to the Common Area and facilities, as defined in Article 3 Section 2 of the CC&Rs.