Clubhouse Renovations


The HOA Clubhouse renovation is now complete!

In review of needed capital improvements, the HOA board approved a refresh of the clubhouse in December 2018. This idea has been brought up in many board and annual meetings over the years. The previous style and furniture were not conducive to the types of events homeowners desired. The Board worked with Julie A., a community resident, to design a usable space incorporating new furniture and updated paint colors.

The gym and outside bathrooms were not only repainted, but improvements included the installation of hand dryers in all bathrooms. Motion sensor lighting was added to the outside bathrooms and gym. The security camera equipment and wifi were upgraded to ensure a community accessible connection.  A refrigerator and dishwasher were installed, making it easier to host catered events. Bag and coat storage in the clubhouse and gym are also improvements. To make the space family friendly, a baby changing table was added to the main bathroom. 

Thanks to efforts by Terese, Doris, Kevin, and Julie, the refresh is now complete. The clubhouse is now a great place to host your events, like a baby shower, a bridal shower, an adult birthday gathering, etc… In case you missed the open house, below are some images just before the event.

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Pest Control Service

March 15, 2010

We have now changed over to the new contractor for pest control service. The calendar on this site has all dates of service posted by group - your individual service date is based on whether you are in Group One, Two, or Three. A copy of the map to determine your grouping can be found here.The contact phone number for Kirland's Pest Control is (256) 216-9000. The contact there is Brad Holland.

We have also changed our lawncare provider as well. All scheduled activities for both fertilizer treatments and lawn care maintenance are also on the calendar. Please note that if there is inclement weather on a service date (typically Tuesday), the make-up day will be the following Thursday.

Satellite Dish Mounting

December 10, 2010

The HOA has observed several satellite dishes that have been installed without following the limitations required in the Covenant and Restrictions. We will be sending out letters to those who have been identified as needing to relocate their dish; for those residents that need to move their dish, or for those that have plans in the future to install one, please look at the photos posted in this article to see examples of how they should be installed. As a reminder, dishes should be mounted below the roof line of the garage and on the homeowner's side of the privacy fence; if the signal direction requires mounting it outside of the fence, it can be placed on a pole in the soft scape area behind the shrubs. You must obtain written permission from the ACC prior to installing it there. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to assist.

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